We believe that social movements are built upon individual leadership, strong institutions, and innovative, often high-risk ideas. While the specifics of what we work on have evolved over the years, investments in these three areas have remained the touchstones of everything we do and are central to our theory of how change happens in the world. These approaches have long distinguished the Ford Foundation, and they have had a profound cumulative impact.



All Nigeria United Nations Student and Youth Association (ANUNSA). ANUNSA is a student and youth association that is devoted to promoting the goals of the United nations through it includes seminars, training, workshops and special projects. They create awareness about United Nations and its Activities in Nigeria especially among Nigerian youths. They also collaborate with UN Agencies like UNIC to further the course of United Nations in Nigeria. Being a part of ANUNSA makes you a part of global movement of youths making a difference and impacting the world. Join us today if you have not joined.


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Swift Networks is one name synonymous with high-speed broadband internet in Nigeria. It is perhaps one of the most popular internet service providers in Lagos. Swift networks is very popular among the business crowd that require reliable and fast broadband internet, but is quickly making it into homes.