Group Registration

Group registration is meant for no less than 5 students in the delegation and a maximum of 10. However delegations with delegate numbers exceeding 10 can register as two separate delegations. Group registration is highly recommended for university students as it makes conference communications easier.


  • 5% discount of the total Delegate Fee for groups of up to 10 delegates.
  • Priority for country assignments
  • Security Council assignments will be assigned to groups as a matter of priority.
  • Eligibility to be considered for group Delegation Awards given out at Closing Ceremonies
  • One Faculty Advisor attends for free. Additional Advisors or Chaperones can attend for an additional fee.

Group Registration involves two steps — Group Delegateapplication forms and Group Fees, and Hotel Room Packages. (Delegate Fees are lower during the Early Registration period.)

Step 1: The head delegate should fill the application form below.

Step 2: Payment of group delegate fees (Fee is the same as that for individual registration except for the 5% discount on the total fee of group delegations of up to 10. Please note that this must be specifically requested for after the receipt of the registration confirmation mail)

Step 3: Discounted Hotel Room Package 

(Details on accommodation will be uploaded soon)