LMUN brings together 0ver 700 students from various faculties and schools from all over the world. It is the first ever model United Nations conference organised by a university in Nigeria and indeed the West African Sub region.


The Lagos Model United Nations is a three day international relations simulations organised by the Faculty of Law, the University of Lagos. It is the largest conference organised by any university in Nigeria and indeed the West African sub region. It provides a unique avenue for delegates/participants to interact effectively and make use of debates and communication to provide innovative and ground breaking solutions to African and general world issues.

During the simulation, students take on the roles of diplomats from other countries, international organisations among others to simulate various committees of international bodies such as the United Nations and the African Union. Through the entire LMUN process, delegates hone communication skills; learn diplomacy, public speaking, resolution writing, international law, international politics, international economics/ trade relations, and the complexities of international negotiations and most importantly, team work/cooperation.

LMUN was created as a result of a need to fill a societal lacuna within the Nigerian and general African milieu, which is a dearth of knowledge on issues of international relations, inadequacy of training and representation within the polity and the need to prepare youths for the challenges to come. And to allow them participate effectively in nation building and world growth and development.

Guiding Principle

We are guided by the principles of MUN, which is Cooperative, hands-on, and embraces experiential learning, thus allowing students to confront a range of topics with the perspective of their assigned country or organization. We uphold hard work, teamwork and cooperation at all levels towards achieving a better world.

Mission Statement

LMUN aims to engineer contribution to a stronger, better and a more peaceful world. We strongly believe that this forum can precipitate more innovative solutions to world problems. And to help develop young leaders that can contribute more effectively to societal problems and operates as real change agents.


“Lagos” means lake. “Eko” on the other hand has no meaning in Yoruba language. It is believed to be a corruption of the Yoruba word ‘oko’ (farmland) and closely related to Benin.However,  it means resting place of the king, it is believed to have been so named during the height of the Benin Empire.  Historians also believe that the city was so christened by Portuguese traders sometime after the mid-15th century, derived from the word Lagoon, in honor of its water bodies.


Lagos has one of the largest and most extensive road networks in West Africa. The actual name of the third mainland bridge is the Ibrahim Babangida Bridge

The economy of Lagos is among the fastest growing in the world

Lagos arguably hosts the Nigerian Movie industry known as Nollywood; recently ranked the second largest producer of movies in the world; Nollywood produces up to 200 movies every single week and her movies has won half of the yearly awards for best picture since 2005

Crispin Curtis Adeniyi-Jones (1876-1957) who the street in Ikeja, ‘Adeniyi-Jones’ was named after, was a medical director from Sierra Leone (a Saro). As a co-founder of NNDP, he won one of the Lagos 3 legislative council seats in 1923 and represented Nigerians for 15 yrs.

The population of Lagos today (more than 15 million!) is about more than the total population of all Eastern states combined.

Mrs. FumilayoRansome-Kuti, legendary Fela’s mother, who lived in Lagos, was one of the delegates that negotiated Nigeria’s independence in Britain

University of Lagos is ranked to be the Second Best University in Nigeria by Africa Ranking.

Lagos state has the most expensive island (estate) in Nigeria.

Lagos state is the most expensive city to live in Nigeria and fifth most expensive in Africa


Secretary General

Aliu Gabriel

Gabriel Aliu Secretary GeneralJPG

Secretary General

Gabriel is a 500L student of the Faculty of Law University of Lagos. He is an astute debater and public speaker, having participated in a good number of public speaking and debate competitions. Gabriel has a flair for public speaking, and has a lot of interest in taxation, international law, international politics and diplomacy and believes in the peaceful resolution of disputes across all levels. He believes in himself as a change agent and participates actively as much as possible in the development of youth initiatives towards the achievement of the Sustainability goals.

He was a delegate at National Model United Conference in 2013 and 2016 respectively; served as chief of Staff for The Lagos Model United Nations Conference 2016, and is honored to serve as the Secretary General for the Lagos Model United Nations 2017 conference. Gabriel looks forward to meeting every delegate and to give them the best conference experience ever. You can reach Gabriel at sg@lmun.com.ng


Eedee Bari Bawoh

Eedee Bari-Bawoh

Deputy Secretary General

Eedee-Bari Bawoh is a final year student of the Faculty or Law, University of Lagos. She served as the Chair of the Human Rights Committee in Lagos Model United Nations (2016).

She is a lover of poetry and has to her credit 219 poems with over 20 published and viewed on literary blogs and magazines nationally and internationally. She is the main publisher, founder and producer of poems and articles on Leeedeebariz’s blog since 2013 till date. Eedee-Bari is very passionate about giving back to the society as much as it has contributed to her success which led to her establishing a Charitable Organization named ”Voice To the Street”. She is also the Team leader of the University of Lagos representative to a Multinational organization-Slatecube whose international influence holds Harvard, MIT and Bill Gates as proud partners.

She currently serves as the deputy Secretary general for the 2017 LMUN conference and looks forward to meeting all delegates. You can reach Eedee-Bari at dsg@lmun.com.ng.

Omoniyi Pelumi

Pelumi Omoniyi

Chief of Staff

Omoniyi Pelumi is not just a Law Student, but an individual whose passion for MUNs is second to none. With his passion comes a vision for a better nation through the Lagos Model United Nations.  He will be serving as the Chief of Staff for this year’s conference and hopes to build a long lasting relationship with every participant at this year’s conference in order to move the global village forward. You can reach Pelumi at cos@lmun.com.ng.

Busayo Oladapo

Busayo Oladapo

Assistant Secretary General

Busayo Oladapo is a 500 level student of the Faculty of Law; University of Lagos. She has a passion for humanitarian issues and is a lover of Model United Nations. In March 2016, she represented the University of Lagos as a delegate at the National Model United Nations conference in New York. She served as the USG, Conference Services 1 at the maiden edition of the Lagos Model United Nations conference where she successfully catered for over 150 participants, delegates and staff inclusive.

This year, Busayo serves as Assistant Secretary-General of the LMUN 2017 and is so excited to have delegates from across Nigeria and beyond at this year’s conference. You can reach busayo at asg@lmun.com.ng.

Ugoeze Ucheagbu

Ugoeze Ucheagbu

President, United Nations General Assembly

Currently in my fifth year at the University of Lagos studying law.  I’m committed to the field of research and community development with the aim of proffering solutions to world issues. Ability to give optimum concentration and dedication when given tasks. I enjoy solving puzzles, relaxing and meeting people.

Omena Akpobome

Omena Akpobome

Assistant Chief of Staff

Omena Akpobome is a 400 level student of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos. She is a diligent hard worker and her passion for success gives her incentive to work effectively.
She served as the Director of Media and Photography for Lagos Model United Nations 2016 contributing to the successful execution of the maiden edition. She has also served as Public Relations Officer of the Taslim Elias Student chambers, Faculty of Law UNILAG. She is currently the Vice President (Academics) of the Book Club Faculty of Law. She was a delegate at the Oxford Model United Nations 2016 and Cambridge Model United Nations 2016.
It will be of utmost delight for her to serve as the Assistant Chief of Staff for the Lagos Model United Nations 2017. You can reach Omena at acos@lmun.com.ng.

Nina Bottimothy

Assistant Secretary General

Nina Bot-Timothy is a 400 level student of Law in the University of Lagos. She is deeply interested in solving global issues and is especially concerned about finding sustainable means of water conservation in the country.

She has participated in several public speaking competitions, and is also an MUN product, having participated in MUNs since secondary school.

She served as the rapporteur for the General Assembly in the LMUN 2016, and is currently serving as the Assistant Deputy Secretary General for LMUN 2017.

She believes that youths need to be forefront of global participation there is no better way than to participate in LMUN. You can reach Nina at asg@lmun.com.ng.

Leo Osoh

Leo Osoh

Under Secretary General Communications

Leo is a final year student of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos. He was the Head of Transport Unit at LMUN16. He is also the former Secretary General of Taslim Elias Students Chambers. He has served in various committees within and outside the Faculty. He’s excited about the Second edition of LMUN after witnessing and being a part of the successful first edition. He is also excited to meet the delegates for LMUN17. You can reach Leo at 2017lmun@gmail.com.

Omobola Folarin Coker

Omobola Folarin-Coker

Under Secretary General Conference Services I

Omobola is a final year student of the faculty of law, university of Lagos. She was the head of the welfare unit for the Lmun2016.she was also the welfare secretary of the justice Oputa student chambers (2015) and the deputy head of chambers (2016). Omobola has served in various committees within and outside the faculty. You can reach Omobola at usg.conference@lmun.com.ng.

Moyinoluwa Zaid

Moyin Zaid

Under Secretary General Conference Services II

A 500 level student of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos who served as the Head of the Protocol Unit for the 2016 LMUN and is now tasked with the duty to supervise other significant heads that cumulate into the whole aspect of conference services for the widely anticipated 2017 LMUN.  Moyinoluwa also served as the Vice President of the prestigious Law Students Society for the 2015/2016 session and as General Secretary of the Justice Oputa Student Chambers (2014/2015). You can reach Moyinoluwa by sending an email to usg.conference@lmun.com.ng.

Josephine Ogbinaka

Josephine Ogbinaka

Financial Director

(Data not yet updated)

Ilamosi Ekenimoh

Ilamosi Ekenimoh

Director of Research

Ilamosi Ekenimoh is a 400 level law student of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos.

A voracious reader, with a wealth of knowledge on world issues,  Ilamosi participated in the first edition of the Lagos Model United Nations as the Director of Research. Ilamosi is also the Director of Research for the Mooting Society, University of Lagos. She has represented the University at several international and local moot competitions as well as debates, and works closely with several NGOs.

Ilamosi believes the youth to be leaders of the now, and looks forward to working with delegates this year to find ingenious solutions to world issues.

Rahman Apalara

Rahman Apalara Director United Nations Children FundJPG

Director UNICEF

Apalara Rahman is a final year law undergraduate in the University of Lagos. And is excited to serve as President of the United Nations Children’s Education Fund. [UNICEF]. Undoubtedly interesting, this committee will provide a valuable experience for those who are passionate about advocating the protection of Children’s rights to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.

Last year, He served as the Director of the General Assembly at the maiden edition of the Lagos Model United Nations. Other MUN experience includes NMUN Rome in 2014 and NMUN New York 2016 where he co headed the University of Lagos Delegation. Outside of Model United Nations, he is actively involved in Mooting, Mock Trials and public advocacy. MUN has and continues to inspire me to be lifelong global citizen; it is my hope that you find your inspiration. His role as Director is to primarily serve you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding substance or committee structure, feel free to reach out to me via director.unicef@lmun.org.ng

Daniel Godson Olika

Daniel Godson Olika

President, United Nations Security Council

Olika Daniel Godson is a 500 Level student of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos. He is the Director of Research 1 of The Mooting Society, Faculty of Law, University of Lagos and his interests range from MUNs and Research to Mooting. He was a Delegate at the Harvard National Model United Nations 2016 and a member of the Best West African Team at both the Qualifying Stage of the 9th Monroe E Price Media Moot Court Competition, University of Oxford 2016 and the International Rounds of the 25th African Human Rights Moot Court Competition, University of Pretoria. Daniel is passionate about advocacy and youth development in Africa and is pleased to serve as the President of the Security Council for the Lagos Model United Nations 2017

Esther Eze

Esther Eze Director Economic and Social CouncilJPG

President, ECOSOC

Esther Eze is a 500 level student of the faculty of Law, University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba. A hardworking and cerebral young woman, who enjoys working with people, she is currently a member of the University Of Lagos Debating Society (ULDS), and the Mooting Society of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos.

In 2015, she alongside her team mates participated at the National Model United Nations, New York (NMUN.NY), where they bagged the Honourable Mention award.  In 2016, she participated at the maiden edition of the Lagos Model United Nations (LMUN) as the Chair of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).  She will serve as the Director of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at the LMUN 2017.

Gboremi Ogundipe

Gboremi Ogundipe

Director, UNDP

Gboremi Ogundipe currently is a 500 level student of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos, who hopes to some day make notable contributions to current and evolving world problems, and more specifically the issues peculiar to Nigeria: poverty alleviation, economic empowerment through harnessing our natural resources, and most importantly to touch the lives of women and children in more ways than one.

She has worked as the Secretary-General of the “Positive Change Group”, a Volunteer NGO, and is an ardent believer in negotiating conflicts peacefully as is seen in her major contributions to the ADR society at the University of Lagos. She is also very well-grounded in the “Art of Research” as is seen in her receiving of the Best Position Paper Award while acting as Delegate representing Angola in the Security Council at International Model United Nations Nigeria (IMUNN 2015) ; and Outstanding Position Paper Award / Distinguished Delegation Award while acting as Delegate  representing The Kingdom of Netherlands in UNICEF at National Model United Nations, New York (NMUN 2016). She has also acted in the capacity of Rapporteur of the Human Rights Council at LMUN 2016.

Olubunmi Ayo-Ogunmuko,

Director United Nations Human Rights Council

A 500 level law undergraduate of the prestigious Faculty of Law, University of Lagos. With previous MUN experience as a delegate of National Model United Nations New York 2015 and 2016, and as a serving, on the maiden edition of LMUN2016 in the capacity of Rapporteur of the UNDP. She is passionate and has actively contributed to discussions and resolutions on pressing global issues in the areas of climate change, hunger and poverty, refugees and IDPs, the rights of children, terrorism, disarmament and a host of other issues in Africa, the Sub-Saharan region and the World at large.

She will be serving this year on the Human Rights Council as Director. She will be convening and guiding delegates in relevant discussions and the development of practical solutions on the topic slated for the conference. She’s very enthusiastic both the conference.

Anuoluwatoyosi Onikosi

Director, Executive Council of the African Union.

A final year Law student at the University of Lagos. Her interests are in the fields of literature, arts, history and physics. She is also a passionate about Human Rights, the environment and about Africa. She has attended several Model UN conferences and is a member of the University of Lagos Model United Nations team. She also served as the Assistant Secretary General at the LMUN 2016. She has participated in several public speaking contests and believes in the power of Books to shape the future. An Unrelenting bibliophile who believes development can be achieved if young people are focused, principled and harness the wonderful world of books.